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Motivational Monday: Dance in the Rain


Motivational Monday: I Can do this!


The Struggle

I know I’ve been a little quite for a bit. It isn’t easy to deal with depression and anxiety. I requested to try to go on a lower on my medicine thinking I could handle it and was ready. Well I was wrong. I’ve gone back to where I was, but still feeling the effects of lowering it.

Best way to explain the past few weeks is imagine you are swimming. You swim out to the deep end and think you are doing fine. All of a sudden you start to have a problem with swimming. You realize the water is far deeper than you thought. You start to tred water and think you will be fine. Think you will make it back to where you can touch the bottom. Then you suddenly get pulled under and you struggle to keep your head above water.

I know I will make it back to the shallow end and will be fine. But emotionally I feel like I am drowning right now. Makes it hard to do much. I’m still working. Doing family time. But not much else. Adding anything less is just overwhelming.

Praying I get “back k to normal” soon. I really don’t like to not post much, but I have to for now. I’m sure you all understand.🙂 Hope you all are doing better than me.🙂

Motivational Monday: Have Courage!


Chubby Girl Inspired

Former Chubby Girl (almost), Wife, Mother, Lifestyle Blogger who ❤️'s inspiring & motivating others. "I own a curvy body and in my humble opinion, it's beautiful when someone can embrace his/her body - flaws and all." Being healthy on the inside is even more beautiful than whats on the outside. I want to inspire and encourage others to find their health, no matter what size that may be. I want you to be proud of your curves and know that you are Beautiful!



The Podgy Princess

My quest to go from flab to fab


A girl living in Santa Barbara who finds joy in the kitchen, traveling the world, beautiful interiors, beauty, art and fashion!


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